Project Description

Vintage Air How A/C Works Whiteboard Explainer Video

How A/C Works

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18865 Goll St.
San Antonio, TX 78266

Explaining The A/C System

After seeing the work that we did for Hellwig Products, Khan Media reached out to us to create a Whiteboard Explainer Video for one of their clients Vintage Air. They wanted to simply explain how air conditioning works in a vehicle to demystify this complex process.

We were shown some images of the a/c system and went to work on designing the process and extremely detailed system components. The result is a work of art that is helping to educate consumers and elevate Vintage Air’s company brand and more firmly establish them as them as the gold standard of quality air conditioning systems and components.

Click the image above to view the video!

Creative Design 100%
Storyboard of Images 100%
Custom Designed 100%
Professional Voice Over 100%
Visual Explanation 100%
Business Branding 100%
Vintage Air How AC Works Whiteboard Explainer Video