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Whiteboard Explainer Videos

A vital part of building your brand is telling your story and the most effective way to do that is through video. Bold Horn creates the most compelling Whiteboard Explainer Videos that explain clearly what you do and how you can help your clients with the problems that you solve for them. Each custom video is a master piece that will bring brand awareness and is excellent to use in your website, social media, and other marketing and educational endeavors.

Bold Horn Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Don’t Waste Time and Money

You can hurt your brand by creating bad videos. You can film yourself on your phone waving your hands and looking like an idiot trying to get attention You can rent more professional equipment, but then you need a background whether real or green screen and props, but even then do you really know how to use the equipment effectively? Don’t burn your money and ruin your brand (reputation) by creating a bad video. We specialize in creating the highest quality artwork of the characters, props including the expensive cars and private jets, and we can even custom draw any scene including your dream office space!

Bold Horn Custom Character Branding

Ownership or Personal Brand

If you are your business (ex. Health, Legal, or Real Estate Professionals), or are building your personal brand, you know that you need to use your face. If you are uncomfortable on camera then this poses a HUGE problem! The most feared thing in people in general as well as professionals is the fear of public speaking… being on camera is not any easier for most of us. You can star in your own video by just submitting your favorite picture of yourself and we will draw you in the video! No more nerves, jitters, and really bad acting! This will boost your brand, give you a ton of credibility, and be very effective for your branding and marketing efforts!

Whiteboard Explainer Videos- Process

Bold Horn Script Writing

Script Writing

Simply give us some information about the video that you would like created and then we use that information to craft an excellent script that will explain your product, service, etc. and have a strong call to action at the end.

Bold Horn Voice Over

Voice Over

After the script is approved our professional voice artists will record a compelling voice over that will catch the viewers attention and entertain them as the images are being drawn.

Whitebaord Explainer Videos Storyboard


We create a storyboard that will show each scene of your video with the proposed images and how they layout in the scene. Once you approve of the storyboard then we will move to final production of your video

Whiteboard Explainer Videos Production

Production and Delivery

We will produce your custom Whiteboard Explainer Video and after approval we will provide you a download link and you will receive your video which can be used for all commercial purposes.

Some Words From Our Clients

Mike Hallmark

"We have worked on three projects together and they have met our deadlines, budget and creative standards. We will be using them on future projects and highly recommend their services to all."

Marketing & International Sales Manager

Dragon Joe

"Our band branding is completely kick ass and captures the essence of who we are, thank you Bold Horn!"

Rhen Elliott

"We worked with the Bold Horn team on three company videos & were blown away by the completed projects!"

Bryan D. Ells

"The team at Bold Horn did an incredible job of bringing our story to life and simplifying our value proposition to our clients and partners through their brilliant illustrated and narrated whiteboard videos."


To Know Thee

"truly inspiring the images and detail that they put into our amazing logo, amazing whiteboard videos, and our social media branding and content, and website. If you want to stand out from the crowd you need Bold Horn!"

Bold Horn

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