Bold Horn Business Branding

Business Branding Begins With Your Custom Logo

Besides the name, the most visible and recognizable thing about your brand is your logo. Your custom logo will make you stand out from the crowd and create the feelings invoke the emotion that will be associated with your brand. Don’t settle for less than the very best, be Bold!

Bold Horn Business Branding

Branding Design for Social Media

Catch your viewers attention on every platform with your logo made into a professional profile picture. When people come to your page they will see a beautiful custom made header image that will showcase your brand and tell them what you can do for them. Then they will see your custom branded images that will have valuable content for your viewers.

Bold Horn Business Branding

Branding Marketing- Printed Materials

Even in the digital age most companies need professionally designed letterhead, envelopes, calendars, thumb drives, stamps, and much more. Whether you are sending written correspondence or delivering digital goods you need have your brand on everything.

Not all clients will need every item, so we will only price and design the items that fit your companies needs.

Bold Horn Business Branding

Branding Marketing- Promotional Materials

The best marketing is done by word of mouth, but having other people show off your brand is priceless. Give your companies branded materials to your clients, prospective clients, and even as give a ways or company uniforms to your employees. Get visible so you have more brand recognition and awareness.

Bold Horn Business Branding

Branding Design- Website Design

Part of building your brand is having a state of the art website that is attractive and responsive (viewable and functional across all devices). We would love to create the digital home for your business and make something that will attract your ideal clients and get them to take action and buy.

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Bold Horn Business Branding

Business Branding-  Whiteboard Explainer Videos

A vital part of building your brand is telling your story and the most effective way to do that is through video. Bold Horn creates the most compelling videos that you can use in your website, social media, etc.

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Some Words From Our Clients

Mike Hallmark

"We have worked on three projects together and they have met our deadlines, budget and creative standards. We will be using them on future projects and highly recommend their services to all."

Marketing & International Sales Manager

Dragon Joe

"Our band branding is completely kick ass and captures the essence of who we are, thank you Bold Horn!"

Rhen Elliott

"We worked with the Bold Horn team on three company videos & were blown away by the completed projects!"

Bryan D. Ells

"The team at Bold Horn did an incredible job of bringing our story to life and simplifying our value proposition to our clients and partners through their brilliant illustrated and narrated whiteboard videos."


To Know Thee

"truly inspiring the images and detail that they put into our amazing logo, amazing whiteboard videos, and our social media branding and content, and website. If you want to stand out from the crowd you need Bold Horn!"

Bold Horn

Build Your Brand and Attract Clients!

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