Project Description

Branding a Company

GH Construction Logo

GH Construction wanted to portray the image of serving the city and being a pillar of that city as well. As a General Contractor, they have built many projects over the years and have helped many buildings rise up and shine in the communities that they are in. Elegance, firmness, and foundational with the sky as the limit.

Website Design

We crafted this website to be modern and fully responsive (viewable and functional) across all devices.

GH Construction

Social Media Images

The top of most social media profile pages allow for a large header image at the top. This is a great place to showcase the companies work along with their logo and contact info so the viewers can see immediately how to contact the business instead of having to dig to find the information. This is the header image for their Facebook page.

Print Package

We designed the print package including business cards with a modern look and feel. Printed on a high quality paper, they stand out with their striking colors and easy to read format.

Company Apparel

Their employees go to the job looking like a professional team ready to get the job done!

Vehicle Branding

Their company trailers have transformed into billboards where everyone can see their great logo and how to contact them easily. This helps to build awareness of their brand and shows that they are the authority when it comes to building in their area.