Project Description

The Logo

To Know Thee is a group that wants to promote faith in God and tell real peoples stories of how they found God in their lives and developed their own faith. Everyone has their trials on their path of life, but through these trials as they turned to God they found him.

We captured their unique vision of walking in darkness on a broken and difficult path. But when they humbled themselves and prayed to God the light and inspiration came, even though the way was still difficult.

Social Media Headers

The social media headers are a brilliant display of a darkened path that has some mist to signify our uncertain path through life. In this scripture Jesus beckons us to come to know him and God our Father as well.

Social Media Content

We created a vast number of quotes and other branded content that can be shared in social media, on their website, videos, etc. Each one carries a distinct message about what they are trying to instruct and convey, as well as their brand which will go with the images wherever they are shared.

Printed and Promotional

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Graphic Design


Design Mockups

Brand Strategy

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

We were excited with the quality of the logos and design work that Bold Horn has put out. They captured our unique vision in amazing style, truly inspiring the images and detail that they put into our premium logo, social media headers and content, and they will be building our website and Whiteboard videos soon!

To Know Thee