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How Sway Bar Works

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Helper Springs

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Calm VS Chaos

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Client Testimonial

Boldhorn has been a pleasure to work with. Nate and his team have exceeded our expectations time and time again. We have worked on three projects together and they have met our deadlines, budget and creative standards. We will be using them on future projects and highly recommend their services to all. Their video creation has helped us explain how our products work in a fun, short and educational way. Since creating the videos we use them to show people exactly how our Hellwig Helper Springs and Sway Bars work rather than just using words and hoping the point gets across. No more guessing on the message or content. It is all there in 90 seconds or less. Create the video and create sales!

Mike Hallmark, Marketing & International Sales Manager, Hellwig Products
1-800-HELLWIG (435-5944)
16237 AVENUE 296, VISALIA, CA 93292

Explaining Their Products

Mike contacted us and asked if we could create a video that would visually explain how a Sway Bar works and how it is beneficial to a vehicle owner to have one installed on their vehicle. He provided the description of how it works and how it is easily installed, we did some further research so we understood it correctly and then boiled it down into a simple script.

We then custom drew all of the images to create the scenes and illustrate how this ingenious suspension part keeps your vehicle level as you turn. It was awesome to see this unfold and our teams creative ideas to bring this video to life! Mike was great to work with and was very responsive in answering our questions and giving feedback all through the process.

After seeing the first video and how it came together, we were asked to do 2 follow up videos, 1 to explain how their Helper Springs keep your vehicle from sagging when carrying a heavy load or pulling a trailer. And another to show the Chaos that can ensue when you drive your motor home without a Sway Bar, contrasted with the Calm when you take a turn in your motor home and it doesn’t sway because you have a Sway Bar from Hellwig Products.

Since 1946, they have engineered and manufactured their high quality products proudly here in the USA!

Script Writing 100%
Storyboard of Images 100%
Custom Designed 100%
Professional Voice Over 100%
Visual Explanation 100%
Business Branding 100%
Hellwig Products Calm VS Chaos Animated Video