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Integrated Solutions Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Integrated Solutions EMOD Video

Integrated Solutions Audit Process

Integrated Solutions Audit Process (Spanish Version)

We worked with the Bold Horn team on three company videos & were blown away by the completed projects! Nate & his team were responsive, fast, thorough, and were able to easily take our ideas and bring them to life. In my job, I’m very used to hand holding on big projects- and it was a breath of fresh air to hand over our ideas to Bold Horn and know it would get done.

Rehn Elliott, Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions wanted a video to not only explain their business, but to tell a story about how they can help save contractors money by helping to keep their experience modification factor low. We wanted to spell out with images and actual numbers how companies can save money using this IS service.

It went so well that they reached out to us again to make another video for their current clients to explain that all of their insurance clients will have mandatory audits, and what they need to do to prepare for these audits. After creating this video, they asked us to make another version of it in Spanish so their clients whose first language is Spanish would understand also.