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Web Design for Family Lawyer

Web Design for Family Lawyers

Your new website is created to be viewed correctly no matter what device your website visitors decides to use! At Bold horn, every website that we create is fully responsive, and your visitors can view it using every device. Our Web Design for Family Lawyer will educate your audience and position you as the authority in family law. Compelling your website visitors to contact you and to choose you over your competition!

Look professional with our sharp images, or we will come to your office and our professional photographers will take pictures of you, your office, and your staff.

Web Design for Family Lawyer

Web Design Includes Full Onsite SEO

The first step of our Web Design for Family Lawyer is the full keyword research, or the words that people search for in Google to find a family lawyer in your area. Because we use powerful tools, we find the exact keywords you will be able to rank for in Google.  We then analyze your competition and we find out what takes to rank higher for them in the searches!

We research keywords for the services that you offer and we optimize your website to help prepare you to rank for these services as well. This helps you get the traffic to your site you need to be successful!

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

We create the most engaging Whiteboard Explainer Videos to educate your viewers about the services that you offer and how they will help them. These videos entertain them so they watch the video long enough for you to make your pitch. Because they can be embedded into your website,  you can explain each service on their respective page and you will keep the viewer on your site and get them to call you or fill out your contact form instead of clicking away and going to your competitors!

Not comfortable on video? We will draw you and put you in the video! You will be the star of the show without having to feel awkward on camera!