Personal Branding

Personal Branding Begins With Your Custom Logo

Your personal logo will illustrate who you are and will create an impression on  your viewers immediately. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and will continue to help define how people view you. Whether it is a creative display of your initials, written name, drawing of you, or a real picture of you, we will design something that will suit your personality.

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Personal Branding Design for Social Media

Catch your viewers attention on every platform with your personal logo made into a professional profile picture. When people come to your personal profile they will see a beautiful custom made header image that will showcase your brand and tell them what you are all about. Then they will see your custom branded images that will have valuable content for your viewers and shareable on all platforms.

Bold Horn Business Branding

Personal Branding- Promotional Materials

Bring your personal branding to a whole new level by making t- shirts, cups, and other marketing items to help create your brand awareness.

Bold Horn Business Branding

Personal Branding – Website Design

Part of building your brand is having a state of the art website that is attractive and responsive (viewable and functional across all devices). We would love to create the digital home for your business and make something that will attract your ideal clients and get them to take action and buy.

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Bold Horn Business Branding

Personal Branding-  Whiteboard Explainer Videos

A vital part of building your brand is telling your story and the most effective way to do that is through video. Bold Horn creates the most compelling videos that you can use in your website, social media, etc.

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